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    Astonishing work from Claudio Ethos
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Filmed, Written and Edited: Jared Levy
Producer: Nathalie Stahelin
Production Assistant: Lucas Do Prado Coelho

Claudio Ethos, a Brazilian graffiti artist, was hired to paint a large mural inside Casa Das Caldeiras in Sao Paulo. The project was for EXPERIMENTA.

30 hours of footage time lapsed into 15 minutes. The original 15 minute movie was used to play as a loop at the opening of the painting.

Sony HDR-FX1
5 Canon FD Lenses: 20-210mm
Letus Ultimate

"Spirit Child" 
"Global Distribution (for a uniform earth)"
"All the Stars & the Moons"
"Thank You"

Written & Performed by Mike Lauri 
Produced & Mixed by John Alicastro 
©2009 The Elder Jepson


associated with:
Graffiti, São Paulo: The Documentary

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